Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saving Pennies at the Swap Meet


Pony Wood Piggy Bank cost $1. I thought the colorful design on it was too cute. 

Scrapbook Items cost $0.25! I always seem to be in need of printed paper. So this will come in handy. 

Butterfly Decals cost $1. Love. 

Vintage Kleenex Holder cost $0.50. My Hubby told me recently that we need to have Kleenex in the (wo)man cave. Your wish is my command Hubsters. ;0)

Easter Cards cost $0.75. I was so egg-cited by the price!       

High Heel Picture cost $1. This is for a friend of mine that has a High Heel theme in her bathroom and asked me too look for some items for her. 

Christmas Cards with Coordinating Stickers cost $0.25 each! What a deal. Hopefully, none of my friends or family are reading this post. They might just get these for Xmas. ;0)

Christmas Cards with Red Robbin and Snowman cost $1. How adorable. 

Tin Heart Picture Frame cost $0.50. I'm going to insert a picture of my Sweetheart of course. 

Auto-Ring Repair & Reinforce cost $0.25. I actually thought this was a mini sewing machine. Grrrr... Looks like I wasn't paying close attention today. Will we ever use this? Probably not. One quarter down the drain! ;0)

Elephant Print Suitcase cost $10. It is in pretty good shape. Hubby and I are going on a trip soon and this will be perfect for me. And no, we are not going to Africa or Asia, but where we are headed might have a circus in town. ;0)

Well, that's going to be it on this post. Not a whole lot of buys, but I am happy with what I got. Till next time! 


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