Monday, September 16, 2013

My Funky Craigslist Dresser

Ooh baby! You had me at hello! 

Isn't this just Groovy Baby?!?!

It was love at first sight when scrolling through Craigslist for a new dresser for myself. Well, new to me that is...  The ad stopped me dead in my tracks. 

After selling our dining room table that we didn't have much love for, I decided that we shouldn't keep things we don't like. 

I'm really good at getting rid of smaller items that aren't working well for us. Though, when it comes to larger items, I am more hesitant. Mainly because it is going to take a bit of hard work to maneuver a piece out of our home, as well as find a buyer for it (though, finding a buyer isn't usually too difficult).  Also, it's going to take some searching to find an item to replace it. As well as planning and time and energy to go pick a new item up. Let alone maneuver the new item back in our home.  Feeling tired yet? Sheesh. I am. 

Though, I am not going to let any of that deter me any longer! If it's not an item we absolutely love then bye bye baby! It's out with the old and in with the new!

This is my dresser/mirror that I sold this weekend. Hubby and I had a very large yard sale and got rid of lots of stuff. 

We actually sold the dresser/mirror to our next door neighbor.  We delivered it free of charge and put it in her bedroom. Only for her to come knocking the very next day saying it wasn't exactly what she wanted! Can you believe that?!?! This is a yard sale lady! There is no return policy! What you see is what you get! All sales are final! 

What I actually said was "Awww... That is too bad.  We can refund your money and remove it from your bedroom for you". My advice, don't sell to neighbors. 

However, being the Fantastic Sales Person I am, I reposted the dresser for sale and a buyer came and picked it up within hours of us getting it back! Now that's what I am talking about! Boy am I good! No wonder my Husband loves me so! I'm irreplaceable baby! ;0)

Let me tell you it was no easy task getting my new piece home either. It was at an apartment building on the 2nd floor! And it was just me and another lady trying to carry it. Though, thankfully a passerby helped us out. Believe it or not there are still gentlemen out there. All this time I thought my Hubby was the only one. ;0)

Also, my truck straps came loose while on the freeway! YIKES!!! I haven't been that nervous in a long time. Cars were flying by me when I was trying to fix it.  My life was flashing before my eyes! Though, I survived and am now the proud owner of this beauty. It was well worth the extra gray hair. ;0)

I plan on showing you pics of my new dresser in our room. It's currently sitting on the bed of my truck until Hubsters arrives. This posting is to be continued...


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