Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farmer's Daughter's Swap Meet Haul

Well, I'm not exactly a Farmer's Daughter. However, I did grow up with chickens, roosters and dogs. And you can always count my brother and sister as wild and crazy animals. ;0)

I think this Mustard Bubble Vase is Fantastic! Cost $1.50.

How cute are these Flower Plates? cost 4 for $1!

I just love this Green Glass Straw Holder cost $1. I already have a clear colored one, but I just had to have this green one. 

Large Basket cost $1. I'm all about pretty organization. 

It's works great holding our extra water bottles. :0)

Quilt cost $2! The vibrant colors are terrific and match our living room perfectly.   It will be great to use when snuggling on the sofa on those cold winter nights up ahead. 

Gold Picture Frame was free! This will be a great addition to a wall picture collage I am working on. 

Butterfly Candy Dish cost $1. I might give this to my Mother in Law. She has a love for butterflies. 

I already have a bird one that I purchased on a previous Swap Meet haul. :0)

Black / White Print Bowls cost 4 for $2.50. These are for a friend of mine that asked me to look for some bowls for her. They were more than I wanted to pay, though I did bargain down from $3. 

Metal Basket cost $1. I'm going to use it to store Popsicles in the freezer. Yes, I'm all about fridge organization. That's how I do it baby! 

Cereal Bowl cost $0.25! I got this for my Hubby.  I gotta send my man off to work feeling confident! In case he happens not to hear any words of encouragement from me in the morning, he can read them off the bowl I bought him. ;0)

I know, Worlds Best Wifey right here. ;0)

Flower Clutch Purse cost $1. Ooh sexy! 

Necklaces cost $0.25 each. The black one is going to be part of my Halloween costume this year. I'm thinking of being a Flapper. Hot stuff right?!?

Beaded Purse cost $1. I just adore it. 

Queen Picture Frame cost $0.50. You think if I insert a picture of me, Hubby will put it on his desk at work? What? I'm keeping it real. ;0)

Beige Braided Belt cost $2. Too cute. 

Basket cost $1. How I love being organized. 

Curtain Rings were free! Apparently I got it like that. What? Don't hate. ;0)

CD's cost 4 for $1! Love all these talented ladies! 

Knitted Pillow cost $0.25. How adorable!

Wood Carved Candle Holders cost $1each. I heart the detail. 

Basket cost $1. I love stylish storage!

Purple Flower Basket cost $0.50. I'm going to use it to store my hair products. 

Kitty Bed cost $2. In like new condition. 

Looks like our Tabitha Marie approves! 

That's going to be it on this haul my fellow Farmers! Stay Fabulously Frugal! :0)


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