Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thirst Quenching Swap Meet Deals

You are one tall drink of water! I mean Coca-Cola. I'm not sure why I am even sporting this t-shirt. I only drink Diet Coca-Cola and I don't even like that much. Oh, now I remember why. This t-shirt only cost me $0.50! 

Speaking of t-shirts. I purchased these 3 for hubby today at the Swap Meet. He liked all 3 too! Do I know my man or what! Two cost $0.50 each and the other was $1. Pretty good considering none looked ever worn. 

How cool is this shoe rack? I've been wanting one of these for awhile. This is the first one I've seen in bronze. I usually see them in silver. Bronze goes much better with our furnishings. This came home with me for $8. I have yet to clean it though. 

This little sunflower lamp cost $1. The lady said she actually paid $35 for it. Then why sell it? Oh well, better for me. 

It works too. Just needed a mini lightbulb. Which, I already had on hand. :0)

Love of Wine bottle stopper new in package cost $0.50. 

Grandma picture frame cost $0.50. 

Watering can cost $0.50. I really like this. 

Metal storage basket that I am already using for food items in our pantry cost $1. 

Plaid leather storage with braided handles cost $1. This was in perfect condition. :0)

Vintage turquoise tissue box holder cost $0.50. It was too cute to pass up. 

Vintage looking shower curtain cost $1. 

Love this shower curtain. It's already been washed and is hanging in our bathroom. Cost $2. 

Recordable picture frame that works! Only the box was beat up. Cost $0.50!

This lovely picture is already hanging pretty in our bedroom. It might just be my favorite buy of the day. Cost $1!

This fleur de lis candle holder cost $0.50. 

This egg wreath cost $0.50. 

These Christmas plates are from Pier1 and cost 4 for $1! The shiny wrapping paper cost $1. 

It's 5 O'Clock somewhere! I am a bit disappointed that this clock doesn't work. Cry, cry, sniffle, snort. Cost $1.  I need a drink. Margarita anyone? ;0)

I also purchased a $2 dress, $1 boppy pillow, $1 baby blanket, $4 boots, $0.50 Pier1 pillow, $0.50 ribbon and $0.50 iron hook. 

A lot of random items bought today. Though, I am very happy with all but the clock. And everything is already being put to use. 

Till next time my fellow frugal shoppers! Stay thirsty for those great deals! ;0)


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