Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fantastic Flea Market Finds

You got more Curves than a Corvette! Would you believe a stranger told me that once? However, I was much younger and thinner then. But that's beside the point! 

Hey there sexy young thing! Or should I say sexy old vintage thing? And like me, this lamp is aging oh so gracefully! ;0) This classy curvy lamp came home with me for $1! $1 dollar I tell you! I'm over here doing the happy dance. It's much taller than it appears in the photo. It also didn't come with the lamp shade and the wiring is no good and needs to be replaced. That's the only reason I put this baby in a corner!  

This exact lamp kit cost $11.42 on EBay. I also have some EBay credit and I will get it for even cheaper than that. I've never replaced lamp wiring before. Am I scared? Maybe. It's the fear of the unknown. Though, I shall overcome and see the light! 

Have any of you done this before? Is it a fairly easy process?

I almost fluttered by these tin butterfly mirrors. They came home with me for $1 each. I'm still unsure of where to hang them yet. 

How pretty in pink is this pillow? This pink lady came home with me for $0.50. Kiss me, I must be dreaming! 

These two outdoor pillows came home with me for $1 for both. They are already lounging on our outside lawn chairs. 

These two tin planters came home with me for $1 for both. Great price if you ask the CEO of Flower Gloves and Rubber Boots (that would be me). :0)

This leather and suede purse just had to be mine. Cost $1. 

This corduroy purse was too funky to pass up. Cost $1. (Same seller as the other purse.) 

I was feeling jolly and had to have these Christmas ornaments at $0.25 each!

These might just be my favorite buy of the day! Cost $3 for the set. I didn't even negotiate.  I just wanted them. 


They are already hanging nicely in our pirate theme (wo)man cave. :0)

I also bought a flag cap for $0.50, wood planter $0.50, iron curtain rod $1, clothes for me at $0.25 and $1. Shirts for hubby at $1. Iron plant stand $1, red ceramic pot $1, kitchen aid apple slicer $0.50, mango slicer $1, and wok $2. 

That's going to be it on this post! Thanks for stopping by my fellow flea market friends! Stay fantastically frugal! :0)


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