Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swap Meet Southern Hospitality

Well, pardon me. Where is my Southern Hospitality? Care for an iced cold glass of sweet tea from a lovely Southern Belle? 

How sweet is this baby? This Iced Tea Maker was brand new in the box for $3! Needless to say, it was my best Swap Meet buy of the day! 

It's already been put to good use. I recommend iced tea makers. Yummy! 

This vintage bowl cost $1. No lid, but I really like it. 

This bowl cost $0.50. It had a Pier1 sticker of $13.95. I seriously hope someone didn't actually pay that price for a bowl that was never used. Yikes! 

It matches perfectly with some red bowls that I already have. And who knows, maybe I will find another eventually. Crazier things have happened. 

This bottle opener cost $0.50. Never heard of the brand, but we were in need of one and the price was right. 

Our beautiful kitties are always on my mind. This bowl cost $1. I already have a blue one just like it. Now they are a perfect match. 

These garden gloves cost $1. Just so you know, I really do wear Garden Gloves and Rubber Boots. I will have to post a photo soon to prove it. 

Say what? Who you calling a ho?!? Oh, the Xmas sign? That cost $0.50. 

I'm always up for a little sparkle. These bottles of glitter were 2 for $0.25!

I couldn't pass up this burnt orange pillow. It's so interesting and in new condition. Cost $1. 

It matches our sofa set pretty nicely. 

This looks a little vintage. It has holes on the sides for incense. I think it is too cute. Cost $0.25. 

This candle cost $0.50. 

It's already sitting nicely on a stand I already have. One can never have too many candles. 

This wire mail slot cost $1. (I have yet to clean it.) Though, it has lots of storage space to get me more organized. Organization is key. 

This map paper tray cost $1. Goes perfect on our desk in the pirate theme (wo)man cave. 

So cute. 

This hydrangea bouquet cost $2. (Not including the green vase.) The bouquet was stuck in a sour cream container. I have yet to take it out. It's really stuck! If I didn't have a vase of any sort, the last thing to come to mind would be a sour cream container. But, that's just me. 

Here are the hydrangeas displayed on our dining table. I added some fake grass to the bouquet. If you look closely at the green vase, you might be able to read sour cream! I'm going to remove it. Just haven't done so yet. 

That's going to be it on this post my fellow Swap Meet Shoppers! Till next time. Save your money where it counts! 


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