Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome to our Lovely Cottage Style House my visiting friends.

Welcome to our Lovely Cottage Style House my visiting friends. I hope you make
yourself right at home and enjoy your stay.

Oh how I love to garden. Actually, in all honesty, I only do sometimes. It can be very theraputic, but working on the yard is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work. We actually have gardeners that come monthly. Though, they only cut the grass. Except the one time very recently when they decided to MURDER and DESTROY my Geraniums in the flower beds. They were oh so BEAUTIFULLY growing over the grass a bit. Let's just say that I really haven't been as mad as I was that day in years. I was FUMING and so very upset that they did that. Especially, because the Geraniums looked so fantastic, So much so, that I had even got complimented on them by a few people. And that is no lie. I had just raked the flower beds and pruned the flowers on a Sunday, because I knew the gardeners were coming the very next day on Monday. And I wanted the yard to look really great. And to my DISMAY, I was not pleased WHAT SO EVER when I returned home from work on Monday afternoon. I actually stayed outside trying to fix the DISASTER they made of my flower beds. I was so upset that I couldn't even go in the house for about two hours. I just stayed outside trying to make it better somehow. Am I the only one who takes their garden and flowers so seriously? I hope not...
I just love garden decorations. They can just really spruce up a yard. Amoung the green grass, trees, plants and flowers of course. The garden decorations are just that extra touch that can make a home look as if it is smiling and super happy. I believe our home looks that way. As if it is super happy to be owned by it's wonderful owners who take so much care and pride in how it looks.
Having a home with an inviting porch is really nice too. A porch that greets you after a long day at work. A porch that says hello, have a seat, take a load off, you are home now, let all your worries go away. It asks would you care for an ice cold glass of sweet tea?  It says, your favorite book is inside, go get it, I will wait. ;0)
There are still things I would love to change about our house. I would love to have it painted. I'm thinking of chocholate brown with bright white trim. What do you think? Or maybe a darker shade of blue? I would love to stain the concrete. Acid stain maybe? Or tile? Or stone? Replacing the railing would be nice. Any suggestions? There will always be room for improvement. Home ownership is a never ending project. There will always be something to be done. Though, I am content with it being my never ending project. I love it too much for it to be any other way.

I just love morning glory flowers. I think I have such a love for them because my mom does.  She always notices them and points them out to me when we are together.  And she is right, they are just lovely.  We actually bought quite a few a while back to try and grow along our front fence. We bought them in purple, royal blue and burgandy. Though, this is the only section that has survived. They didn't thrive like we thought they would. Sniffle, cry cry, sniffle. Not to mention the ones that were stolen. Yes, you read right, STOLEN. Who steals morning glory flowers? Only in National City, California apparently.  I don't want to talk about this, I'm starting to get upset about it. You know how sensitive I can be about my flowers. ;0)  

Look how well our canna lillies are doing. I'm so excited. They are oh so healthy. And quite a few are ready to bloom. Yay! 

Well my Gorgeous Garden Gals, that is going to be it for this post. Till next time, when we put on our rubber boots and flower gloves and meet again. :0)

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