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Exciting Swap Meet Excursion Trip planned by Me, Myself and I for September 1st 2012! Had to kick off my Birthday Month Right!

Participating in the Swap Meet Shuffle. To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right! Now kick baby, kick kick! I mean, pick baby, pick pick! Now walk it by yourself! This is actually a rap song. So if you don't know, now you know! That's another rap song. I know, I know, slow your roll girl friend. ;0)

I decided to plan an Exciting Swap Meet Excursion for family and friends. In all I invited about 20 ladies and had a hunch that about two would probably show. And I was right! However,10% of 20 isn't bad. Plus, that means more goodies for us! There is nothing worse than wanting something that someone else is buying for dirt cheap! Just kidding, I have way too much already, to be really bothered by that. Just kidding again, I would be bothered by that. ;0) So it's off to the Swap Meet I go with my family friend Nene in toe! She arrived at my house and followed me a short 5 minute drive there. I usually like to go with people in seperate cars, that means everyone will be able to leave when they are ready. In other words, nobody is nagging me to get out of this mug! ;0)

And like Gilligan I don't always come home after a three hour tour. I like to make sure I cover all swap meet ground. Because what if I was to miss something? That would mean it wouldn't hitch a ride with me to the best home ever! And that would just not be good. ;0) Though, a lot of the time I really can cover all swap meet ground in less than two hours. Easy breezy. 

Here is Nene and I, part of the Pretty and Practical Swap Meet Squad! I'm on the right. It was super hot this day. I believe we both had a bit of makeup on when we arrived. But by the end of our trip, it appears to have been all melted off! Notice our big smiles? It's because Swap Meet shopping is just soooo much fun!

There are definitely some swap meet traveling essentials you are going to need to bring.   You will need weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.  I'm always bewildered when I see ladies walking around the graveled swap meet in high heels. They never look happy and are usually walking very slowly. My mom tells me they are looking for a man. Though, I'm not sure the swap meet is the best place to look. Though, who knows, maybe it is. Okay, back to the essentials. You will need at least $20 in loose bills and change. Though, I always bring more because I want to make sure all Leslie wants all Leslie gets! ;0) A fanny pack or wrap around purse will be ideal. We want to keep our hands free for all the goods. And if it is going to be a really hot day, lets not forget the sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or umbrella. You will also need lots of water, snacks, and something with wheels.  Trying to lug around your goods by hand is just not fun or practical. The swap meet is okay for the kiddos too. Just make sure they are cool and comfortable as can be. :0)


How pretty are my friend Lola's girls? This was a picture of them taken at their house on their way to meet me. I just adore their coordinating yellow and bling outfits. They are sweet as pie too. So adorable showing me items they thought I would like! Future Pretty and Practical Bloggers I tell ya! Just love them! A bit disappointed that I didn't take a picture of my long time bestie Lola. She is a looker! She will be in my future posts though.

Here is a Picture of our Swap Meet Guide. Isn't he cute? I bought him shortly after we arrived for $1. I actually have a female scarecrow the same size. Now they are a Perfect Match! Yay!


Yep! This is how I roll on my treasure hunt! I got a lot of goodies this day. I wish they made larger shopping carts. One twice this size would be fantastic! They would sell like hotcakes I'm sure! They can even be sold at the Swap Meet. Something to think about, maybe hubby and I can get this invention rolling!

When at the Swap Meet you are going to come across The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and hopefully The Fantastic! Try to get past the dust, dirt and grime. It is usually nothing a bit of soap and water can't fix! I have an eye for spotting diamonds in the ruff! You should see my husband! ;0) A majority of the time the people selling things that need a thorough cleaning, sell them for dirt cheap! And I like that! You should always try to negotiate price wise. Unless, you think it is totally worth the asking price. Because then, why bother. Let's keep it Pretty and Practical. No need to be ugly about it.


Here is a picture of a majority of my goodies. It may look like clutter at first glance. But believe me when I say this, I have a use and the perfect spot for each one of these things. I only buy items I plan on using and displaying. Otherwise I can easily end up on an episode of Hoarders. And that would not pretty! And once the items are home, within the next couple of hours or so, they are always washed, cleaned and put away. That's the Pretty and Practical way. Unless, it's a project to be spray painted and such. I will get into that in a later post.

Almost everything on this table was $1 or less. Can you believe that? I usually am only interested in items around the $1 mark. Unless I just got to have it! And then it's whats in my fanny pack is the limit!

Popcorn Bowl $1, Sewn Marriage Picture $1, Two Green Bowls $0.50 for both, Owl Soap Dish $0.50, Turqoise Flower Pot $0.50, Cookie Sheet $1, Cupcake Pan $0.50, Bracelet $0.50, Coupon Pouch $0.50, Christmas Card Holder $0.50, Face Paint $0.50, Present Tissue Paper $0.50, Flapper Head Band $0.50, Iron Hook $0.25, Small Wood Shelf $1, Larger Wood Shelf $2, Glass Cup $0.25, Jellie Shoes for my niece $1 and the Four Blue/Brown Candle Holders were Free! Free I tell you! I just love getting goods for so inexpensive! I also purchased some clothes and shoes that I have yet to take pictures of. Though, I made out like a bandit with those buys as well!


I have already hung the $2 shelf with the free candle holders displayed nicely on top in our dining room. Actually, hubby hung it. What? Did you think I was a Jack of All Trades and good at handy work as well? Actually, if so, you would be right. But I didn't do it this time. Gotta give credit, where credit is deserved. I think it looks pretty nice and gives me a bit more storage and display space. I can't get enough of that. Notice how perfectly those candle holders match our painting? Totally Pretty and Practical! Love it! Also, I believe that painting cost $7 on another swap meet trip. Can't beat that!

How cute is this Wreath? Love that it is Pretty and Pink! It looks just like real Bougainvillea. I don't think anyone will be able to tell the difference at first glance. Especially since Bougainvillea is very paper like looking anyway. This went home with me for $1. I got a few compliments on it from a few fellow swap meet shoppers too. Looks like they knew a good buy when they saw it as well. It is already hanging pretty on our front door! I like the prettiness it radiates. I heart it!


How adorable is this hand sewn picture? I totally heart it. I just couldn't pass it up! Especially because it looks exactly like my hubby and I. It went home with me for $1. My husband is definitely my best friend. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing man by my side through life. I couldn't have asked for more. He doesn't enjoy going to the swap meet much though, but that is okay by me. It gives me girl time or even just alone time. Which, I think is very important. Would you believe he is never bothered by the purchases I come home with? He actually always compliments me on them. And Sometimes I come home with my truck full of stuff. And yes, I drive a truck. That's how I roll. How else would I be able to get the large items home? Though, I only buy things I plan on using and have a spot for. So within a few hours, all our new/used goodies are put nicely away. I think he likes that. Gotta keep it Pretty and Practical. What can I say.


Here are the awesome buys Nene went home with! She didn't spend much either! She said her best buy was a pair of brand new Doctor Scholl shoes for $3! Totally a steal! I know the purchase price of the Hen was $0.50, Fall Wreath $1, Shorts $0.50, Capri Pants $0.50 and super cute picture for $1. 


Here are a few of the buys my friend Lola went home with! Aren't they cute? Lovely Jewelry holders to display her jewelry in style. So very Pretty and Practical. Organization is always key. I just love having my jewelry easily accesible and pefectly displayed for view. Especially when getting ready in a hurry! I know she purchased the silhouette one for $1. Love it!

Well, my Pretty and Practical Visitors that shall be it for now on this post. Until we meet and shop again. Stay Pretty and Practical and make me proud! As I shall do for you! Hugs!

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