Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Dangerous Swap Meet Haul

Hello friends! I thought I would share some of my recent buys from my latest Swap Meet trip. My morning didn't start off too well. I was using an apple slicer to cut an apple as my afternoon snack, when it broke and jammed into the palms of my hands (who knew those were so dangerous). Though, I didn't let my injuries stop me and I continued on with my Swap Meet trip (bandages and all). I know, I'm a trooper. 

Once I arrived at the Swap Meet and unloaded my shopping cart, I started walking towards the entrance eating an apple slice, watching a car decide which way to turn, and walking down a bit of a slope when I fell to one knee and ended up putting a lot of my weight onto my shopping cart and breaking a wheel off it. 
Sad, sad, injured Leslie. :0(

I came this far! Cut palms, a scuffed knee, torn pants and a broken wheel off my shopping cart was not going to deter me now! I am woman! Hear me roar! Make way Swap Meet Shoppers! I'm coming through! 

Shortly after I arrived I bought this $1 wood clock that put things back into perspective. It says "Joy". I do have lots to be joyful about, regardless of the rough start to my day. 

And these two love birds for $0.50 each had me singing a happier tune. :0)

This $2 iron Ferris Wheel picture frame holder that spins reminded me of good times.

The $2 Ferris Wheel might just be my favorite buy of the day. :0)

Someone very special to me recently told me exactly what this picture says. It had to come home with me for $0.50. It's already hanging pretty in our bedroom. 

This oh so cute snowman put a big smile on my face. The top portion of his body screws off and candy can be put in his tum tum. He came home with me for $0.50. 

This bouquet of felt artificial poinsettias cost $0.50. They had a tag for $9.99 original price. I like my $0.50 buying price much better.  Notice my injury? Ouch. :0(

This really large picture frame cost $1! What a deal! I plan on painting the glass with chalkboard paint and using it as a chalkboard in the dining room. Yippie! love it! :0) 

This really nice curtain rod with screw off ends cost $2. It's already being used in the spare room. I was going to paint the ends black, but didn't after all. They went well with the curtains we have in there as is. Yay!

I bought these wood curtain rings for $1. They also came with wood napkin holders. The bag was $1 for all. Not too shabby. :0)

I'm not sure if these are originally used for what I have in mind for them. They were $0.50 each. 

I'm always looking for ways to get more organized and display my items more functionally. I thought scarf organization! Yes, please!

This grape vine picture frame cost $0.50. But you didn't hear it from me! ;0)

This Anniversary Picture reminded me of hubby and I. Cost $0.50! 

How sweet! I just love being married, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. :0)

I also purchased a kitchenaid pan $0.50, swiffer wet jet mop $1, a pink cloth storage bin $0.50, a milk glass jewelry holder $0.50 and a few items of clothing for $0.50 each.     

Till next time my frugal visitors. Or till I fix the wheel on my shopping cart! Travel cautiously. ;0)


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