Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Awesome La-Z-Boy! And No, It's Not My Husband!

Look what we scored off of Craigslist for $25! A La-Z-Boy Glider Recliner!  I love the Vintage look if it.  Now my husband isn't the laziest boy in our household! It's a title Hubby is more than happy to give up.  But Leslie? Why are you in need of a glider/recliner? Well, it's a secret I'm not telling. Not yet anyway. ;0)

I stumbled upon this blue gem on Craigslist with a reasonable selling price of $30. Though, I negotiated and it came home with me for $25. I believe it was worth every penny. I thought this baby boy was looking very sad and blue sitting outside on the dirt among the weeds. It hitched a ride home with me and now the sky seems to have never looked so blue.

It has already had a very thorough cleaning. Though, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't cover all the scratches on the arms with Old English Scratch Cover that I like to use. So, I am going to have to touch up the arms with actual stain. Which, should be a fairly easy project to do. 

Here it is looking all stud muffin like. I've already stained the arms. Ooh baby, you are all that and then some!  :0)

In my continued search I spotted it's twin sister!  A pretty in velvet pink La-Z-Girl being sold for $30 on Craigslist! The ad mentions they have two and will sell both for $50! If I had the room, I would want a pink one as well. I heart it. Though, I'm satisfied with my turquoise leather handsome boy. 

I also spotted this velvet green rocking chair on Craigslist being sold for $50. A bit more than I would like to pay and not exactly our style, but I thought it was just groovy baby! I just adore velvet furniture. 

Well, that's going to be it for this post. Time for me to kick off my sandals and relax with my lazy boy (hubby) and my blue La-Z-Boy (glider)!  Rock On my friends! 


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