Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are You Feeling Lucky Punk?

I'm looking good and feeling good! Hubby is at work making the bacon and I'm about to be out and about spending the bacon! I got on my Lucky Shirt, my favorite hat and my Mickey Mouse Mug is filled to the rim with yummy coffee. Life is good. What more can I ask for? I'm a simple girl after all. 

Leave it to me to find the only Swap Meet located in San Diego, Ca open on Wednesday. As well as Saturday and Sunday of course. You can thank me later...

I have arrived at the South Bay Swap Meet and I am in search of some inexpensive goods. What I am hoping to find are curtain rods and brackets, 6 matching curtain panels, a vintage lamp shade, candles, decorative hooks, a water sprinkler, pruning sheers, garden gloves, and anything else that might tickle my fancy. 

Out of that long list all I found was a $1 Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Candle. Due to me having it lit and it smelling so tasty, Hubby actually thought I had baked when he got home. Sorry to disappoint you Hubsters. I can only be so terrific. 

My goods were a Kitchen Aid Baking Sheet for $1, Swiffer Jet Wood Mopping Solution for $1, Mesh Bag $1, Snack Bag $0.50, Thanks Giving Turkey Decor $0.50, Ceramic Bird $1 and a whole load of very pretty vintage blouses for $0.50 each. 

This is the $1 mesh bag.  These are the only shopping bags I take to the swap meet in my shopping cart. They are very handy to have and don't damage easily. When shopping at the swap, you always want to bring some sort of bag to carry your goods. Not all sellers will be able to provide a bag with purchase. 

How sweet is this $0.50 Snack Sac(k)? This totally caught the apple of my eye. Especially because I took a cut apple with me on my shopping spree and didn't have a nice bag to carry it in. It was meant to be mine. :0)

This $0.50 Jive Turkey is only looking a bit upset because I have yet to dust him off for his photo shoot. I just love to decorate for the holidays. He was too cute and unique to pass up. 

I just couldn't fly by this $1 Ceramic Bird in a Nest with Love written on the wings. Birdie Baby you had me at hello! 

If you know me, you know I have way too many clothes. So, when at the swap, clothes aren't really on my list of finds. However, I have a weakness for flowy vintage blouses and today I purchased 16 of them! Yep, you read right 16! They were all so adorable and exactly my size and only $0.50 each!  Here is me in one of them. I plan on doing a seperate post on the blouses. To be continued...

That's going to be it on this post my lucky stars! This was not my best haul yet, but still loads of fun! Till next time!

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