Friday, November 14, 2014

Swap Meet Basket Case Haul

Guess "who" was being a Basket Case at the Swap Meet today?

That would be me! That's how I roll.  Don't be hatin! ;0)

I decided to see what Kobey's Swap Meet was all about on a early Friday morning outing.  I haven't been to this Swap Meet in years and I have never been there on a Friday. 

Awesome view of the Sports Arena Stadium in San Diego, CA. The Swap Meet parking is in the same area of the Stadium. 

I must say, this Swap Meet was much quieter than I expected on this Friday with not a lot of sellers. Though, that didn't stop me from loading on up! ;0)

Oh my gosh! How adorable is this Owl on a Bike?! The wheels spin in the wind. In case you didn't already know. I'm Owl Obsessed and I love to Bike Ride! Owl Cost $3 in the new section. 

The Owl is already spinning pretty on our porch (Top right).  Don't mind my messy painting skills. These chairs still came out beautifully! And they are now sitting pretty with Mr. Owl spinning in the wind. Yep, Jack Of All Trades Baby! 

Basket cost $2. I love using baskets as 
pretty storage throughout our home. 

This particular one still had a Ross tag of $6.99. I like my $2 buying price much better. 

Long Stem of artificial Yellow Flowers cost $1. I like that they look real. 

Ceramic Bunny cost $1. I like that the bunny is in a diaper. It reminds me of our baby girl we lost and who would of been due to arrive next week on 11/25/14. :0(

Blue Ruffle Lampshade cost $1. I have the perfect blue lamp for it. 

Vintage Glass Straw Holder cost $1. I adore this. I already have a green glass one, but couldn't pass up this coca-cola one at that price. 

Basket cost $3. This basket is way bigger than it appears in this photo. I'm going to use it for toilet paper I buy in bulk. Just take the toilet paper out of the ugly packaging and throw them right in. 

Turquoise Dangly Earrings cost $1. I bought a pair for me and a pair for my mother in law. :0)

3 Colored Basket cost $2. I already glued the trim that was coming undone a bit. Good as new! The colors match our home perfectly. 

That's going to be it on my buys from Kobey's  Swap Meet in San Diego, CA. 

Shopping secondhand saves us lots of money in the long run. It is also so fun to do! I wouldn't have it any other way! Till next time! 


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