Monday, October 27, 2014

Spooky Town Swap Meet Haul

It was a Spooky Halloween Haul today at the Swap Meet! 

I have been admiring Spooky Town pieces all over YouTube this month. There are massive collections out there that are absolutely fantastic! I just adore the musical sounds and movement of them all. 

Imagine my Surprise when I stumbled upon these at the Swap Meet today! At a price of 2 for $40! 

Torture Factory had an original price tag of $99.99. My $20 price was to Die for! ;0)

Blood Bank had an original price tag of $79.99. My $20 price was Spooktacular!

Now they are mine! Mine I tell you! (Insert Evil Laugh here)

Outdoor Mummy Pumpkin cost $1. It lights up too! I like these better than real pumpkins. They can be reused next year and cost less if you buy secondhand. 

Iron Candle Holder cost $0.50! It still had a tag on it. 

Witch Boot cost $0.50. Love the bright colors. 

Tea Light Candle Holder cost $0.50. It had a tag from World Market. 

Cocktail Witch Hat cost me $1. It had an original price tag of $8.99! 

I actually bought the hat for my cat Tabitha. My Little Witch looks Purr-fect for Halloween! :0)

Our Cat Charlie is so Devilish in his Halloween Makeup! ;0)

Halloween Kitchen Towels cost $1 per pack! Oh my gosh this was an Awesome Deal! They had an original price of $4.99 each.  

Jewelry Stand cost $1. Great for Jewelry Organization. 

Vintage Olive Candy Dish cost $0.50. It will be a lovely addition to my olive glass collection. It cleaned up beautifully too. 

Black Cat Candle Holder cost $0.50. I love anything with Black Cats! 

It resembles our outdoor cat Ninja. 

Sparkle Xmas Trees cost 2 for $1! Swoon! 

Turquoise Picture Frame cost $0.50. I shall insert a picture of Darling Husband and I. It had a tag from Hobby Lobby. 

Chevron Print Throw Blanket cost $0.50! Too pretty to pass up! Such a deal! 

Butterfly Pictures cost $0.25 each! Wowzers that was cheap! They have been cleaned and are hanging pretty in our bathroom. 

That's going to be it on my Fabulous Finds! Try to give secondhand a second thought. It's an inexpensive way to shop for Holiday Decor and so much more! You really can't beat it! 

Till next time my Frugal Friends! Happy Hunting and Haunting! 

Happy Halloween 2014! 


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