Monday, August 25, 2014

A Monogram Coffee Filter Wreath

Hello Everyone. I thought I might interest you in making yourself a Monogram Coffee Filter Wreath. 

I made this wreath over the weekend with a Client of mine. I already have a white Coffee Filter Wreath hanging in my kitchen that I made a few years ago. Though, ever since, I have always wanted to make a beige one. 

It took me a few years to do, but it was worth the wait. I think my Coffee Filter Wreath came out just lovely. And just in time for fall. 

In case you are wondering all you need is coffee filters, a glue gun, glue sticks and a wreath form. Just bunch up the coffee filter, dab on a bit of glue and press it onto the wreath form. Repeat until wreath form is completely covered. Easy breezy. 

I actually used a swimming pool noodle to make my wreath form. Using a pool noodle allows you to make up to three wreath forms for very inexpensive. All you do is cut the noodle to size and tape the ends together. 

Here is a picture of my client's white Coffee Filter Wreath hanging on her door. She was very proud of her cute creation. 

I want to personalize mine a bit more. So, I decided to make the first initial of our last name. 

Of course I want to do this on the cheap. With no money spent, because that is how I like to roll. 

Yep, it's an old used gift box.  I believe from Christmas Past. 

Even though I really want to make a monogram for my wreath today. I'm feeling like a lazy crafter. So, I'm gonna freehand it. What? I never claimed to be an artist. It's good enough. 

These are the other supplies needed for the monogram and I already had all on hand. 

Once our initial was drawn, I then cut it out and started to wrap the twine around the initial. Putting a thin strip of glue on both sides as I wrap. I like to glue as I go.

It's coming along nicely. 

Not to shabby for a beat up gift box and some twine. 

I decide to make a little tie on the back.  So the monogram can be removed if wanted. 

Here is the end result of our welcoming Monogram Coffee Filter Wreath at the "Fry" household. All hand crafted by yours truly. A super easy project that looks oh so nice! It doesn't cost much to do either, especially if you already have all supplies on hand.

And even though I'm feeling like a lazy crafter today, I'm never too lazy to clean up my mess. Because that's how I like to roll. 

Till next time! :0)


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