Monday, March 3, 2014

Gorgeous Green St. Patricks Day Mantel

Top O' The Morning To You! I thought I would get in the St. Patrick's Day Spirit for the Month of March and Decorate our Fireplace Mantel in Gorgeous Green. 

I shopped our house for items I thought would work nicely. No need to go out and spend money to create a festive display. I always like to shop our home first. 

I gathered anything green. It's going to get worse before it gets better. Yikes!

Kiss Me! I'm Irish! Well, a small portion anyway...

Here are quite a few items we had, but I did not use. Though, I might incorporate some of them in other areas of the house. 

How cute is this printable? I plan on framing it in a rustic frame. 

Or I will just copy the phrase onto our chalkboard. What? I never said I was an artist! So long my Husband can read it. I like making him feel good and letting him know how much I appreciate him.

Scrabble Tiles are a simple way to display messages.  My Husband is My Pot of Gold. :0) 

I think I did fairly well with shopping the house for green decor. Don't be Green with Envy!

This is a vintage serving platter that was missing the center handle that I bought for $1 at the Swap Meet. I just hot glued a green marble to hide the hole. 

 Lucky In Love. That's for sure.

These carved wood candle holders cost $1 each at the Swap Meet. 

How perfect is this wood nut bowl for the occasion? It only cost $1 at the Swap Meet! 

Green really is one of my favorite colors. It makes me Happy. 

I hope you enjoyed our Festive Mantel expressing our Happiness and Good Fortune.Till next time my Fellow Lucky Leprechauns! 


  1. You did great! I had to LOL at your comment...Its going to get worse before it gets better ;-)

    Happy Tuesday!


  2. Thanks Sherri! The table was looking pretty scary for a moment there! :0)