Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Curvaceous Craigslist Mannequin

When working on my "Dressing For Success with Swap Meet Finds Post" I decided that I want a Mannequin. It's really hard to take a self potrait of myself from head to toe in outfits. Though, I will ask my Husband to bring out his inner photographer and take pictures of his fancy wife as much as possible. ;0)

I wasn't sure if people would be interested in used clothing bought at the Swap Meet. However, seeing the increase in visitors to my blog since that post, I now think otherwise. 

Not many people leave comments on my blog.  At first this made Leslie Marie a sad one. Though, I am able to track how many visitors I get on a daily basis. It's a lot and that makes me a happy one. :0)  I would still love to hear from you though. So don't be shy. :0)


Okay, back to the subject at hand. I decided to scroll through Craigslist for a Mannequin. Not just any mannequin, she had to be special. 

Ooh, la la! I found one! She had a selling price of $30. Though, I negotiated and brought her home for $25. Once home, I used a Clorox Wipe to make her shine. 


Then I decided I wanted to use her to hang my chunky necklaces on instead. So, now I am in search of another to use for my clothing posts. (Shush, don't tell Hubby.)

This beauty is being sold for $25. I actually might just buy this one. I think it is fantastic. 

This one seems more practical. She has all the curves in the right places! But a $100 is a bit steep. 

I think this one is really cute too. It's being sold for $20. Not bad in price. 

I adore this one. I like that it is also a coat rack. It's $100. A bit more than I would like to pay.

I think this one is so sweet. It would also be great as a necklace or earring display. It cost $30. 

This one is interesting. It cost $40. A fairly good price. 

Looks like my search for a used mannequin turned out to be much easier than I thought it would. 

Till next time my fellow curvaceous friends!


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