Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Costume On A Budget

Not much money at all has to be spent on a Halloween Costume. Almost every year I like to use items that I already have in my wardrobe. I just tweak them a bit, by adding certain accessories. Then, what do you know, I got a costume. With not much money at all spent. :0)

For Halloween this year I plan on being a Flapper from the 1920's. 

The Black Dress I already had on hand. Almost any little black dress would do. I had plenty to choose from. I thought this one with the feather neckline went perfect with the feather boa. 

Rose Bracelet I already had on hand. I actually wore this on my Wedding Day. This will be the first time I wore it since. 

Chandelier Earrings I already had on hand as well. 

Feather Head Band I had got on a previous Swap Meet Haul for only $1!

Pearl Ring I already had. 

Long Pearl Necklace cost $1 on a recent Swap Meet Haul. It's actually a really light blue and will match perfectly. 

Long Black Gloves I already had on hand. I actually wore these on my 9th Grade Graduation Day. How did I ended up keeping them this long? I have no idea. All eyes on me! 

Blue Feather Boa cost $5.99 at a Thrift Store recently. 

Try shopping your own wardrobe before going out and spending money on a costume. You might just have quite a few already in your closet. 

Here are some more ideas from

Looks like I am not the only one with this in mind. 

Miss Piggy! I just adore her! 

The Cat Burglar! How clever!

A Ballerina. How pretty!

The Morton Salt Girl. How cute!

Halloween Costumes can be done on any budget. I think do it yourself ones are more unique and so much cooler than any store bought. 

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween 2013!


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