Friday, October 25, 2013

$5 Craigslist Garage Storage Shelf

Our Garage is currently a disaster zone! This picture is of our new $5 shelf in the seller's garage.  I think their garage is super neat compared to ours. I hate to admit this, since I really do pride myself on organization. 

Halloween is my favorite Holiday and we have lots of decorations in bins. I have been going through the items and decorating our home in the Halloween Spirit. I just love Halloween. However, I have been making a big mess in the process. We don't have any type of shelving system in our garage. Our bins are stacked on top of one another. They are also not labeled. 

Can you imagine how difficult it is to find what we are looking for? It is VERY DIFFICULT and NOT FUN at all. We have Halloween, Thanks Giving, Xmas, and other Holiday decorations in these bins. To try and locate what we are looking for, requires us to lift bins off one another and shuffle them around on the ground. It's not a fun task. We also have decorations in bags and some are just thrown on top. It's a huge mountain of chaos that needs to be corrected. I can't handle it any longer. 

I have been in search of a garage shelving unit for quite some time. They can be a bit pricey brand new. So, I have been looking for a used one at a reasonable price. However, my search has found that even used ones cost more than I want to spend. 

This Rivet Shelving Unit is what I had in mind. This is a $150 Craigslist find. That seems a bit much for used shelves to me. Plus, it's going to be in the garage and I really don't want to spend that much money on shelves that are just going to have bins sitting on them. 

This is a $75 Craigslist Find. Still a bit high and this particular one is not located very close to our home. 

On my continued quest, I came across this one today. The $5 price caught my attention.  It appears to have been a hand made piece with lots of room for storing bins. At least three could fit on each shelf. That would be plenty of room for us.  I was a little surprised by the $5 price for such a large item. 

I decided to send the seller a message and confirm the $5 price. It seemed pretty darn cheap to me. They responded that $5 was the selling price and I made arrangements to take a look. I wanted to make sure that it was very sturdy and to my delight it was! The seller and I loaded it into my truck and I headed on home. And yes, I drive a truck. That's how I roll baby! I even know how to use truck straps. No wonder my Husband married me as quick as he did. ;0)

Now we have a shelving unit! I can't wait to get started on organizing the garage. I kind of like that it looks like furniture too. I was afraid that Hubby wouldn't like it much, but he did. He likes the sturdiness of it and is just looking forward to the garage looking better. He even thought it was cool looking! Success! 

I plan on doing a before and after posting of organizing the garage. Maybe even a time lapse video. To be continued...

Don't overlook something that is less conventional for storage. Especially, if the price is right! Organize on my friends!


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