Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweet Deals At The Swap Meet

Look at the Cutest Cupcake at the Swap Meet today! And no, it's not me. ;0) 

Large Cupcake Cookie Jar cost $1! I was so excited by this sweet deal. I have been wanting one of these. I plan on using it to store cupcake liners. Woot! Woot!

Heart Valentine Lights cost $0.25 and Heart Ornament cost $0.25. The lights work too. :0)

Here they are in all their glory at the Swap Meet. 

Key To Our Kingdom cost $0.25. Frosting   Decorating Bags cost $0.25. Lip Bag Clips cost $0.25 each. All from the same Seller. 

Hershey Tin Candy Truck cost $0.25. I might use it to store our frosting tips. 

It's already been washed and is now displayed nicely in the pantry with our new/used Cupcake Jar. :0)

Basket cost $1. It will be great for storing items in the pantry. It had an original price tag of $5.99. 

Santa Oven Mit and Santa Dish Towel cost 2 for $1. These were in never used condition. 

Peppermint Candle cost $0.50. Smells Yummy. 

Glass Christmas Tree cost $0.25. 

Basket cost $1. It will be great for pantry storage. 

Here's a picture of the two baskets purchased today. I have already put them to good use in the pantry. Not too shabby for $1 each. 

That's going to be it on my Sweet Deals! Till next time! Give Second Hand a try. You can have really nice things without much money spent. :0)



  1. Great finds! You find the best baskets.

    Have a happy week :)


  2. Thanks Sherri! My fellow basket lover! :0)

  3. Yes...Baskets are so lovely!

    Happy Monday, friend :•}